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Top 5 Easter Eggs Submerged In 'Aquaman'

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 DC's Aquaman (2018) is a bombastic film that is liiked by both fans and critics.Surely, James Wan and Jason Momoa are the ones that make it a great visual feast. When you were watching it, did you notice some easter eggs buried in the fantastic Atlantis world? We here picked up top 5 easter eggs from it.


5.King Arthur

Though Arthur's parents come up with Arthur's name via a hurricane warning, his father mentions the importance of the name as it relates to Arthurian myth. King Arthur and Aquaman actually have several parallels: their complicated regal upbringing, the fact they're both only recognized as kings after they retrieve a weapon of myth, and they both share the story of the reluctant hero thrust into extraordinary circumstances. 

Aquaman King Arthur

4."Unite The Seven"

The internet have speculated about whether "unite the seven" was related to the Justice League's original seven members, or the seven seas. In Wan's Aquaman, it's revealed that there are actually seven underwater kingdoms that all separated following the fall of Atlantis. 

This doesn't negate the possibility that the poster was actually talking about the members of the Justice League, but it adds a new shade to the mythos surrounding the DCEU's version of Aquaman.  


James Wan is a prolific horror director who has  constructed the modern horror-film landscape. When speaking to DC Comics' publication, he confess that he was a big fan of Toho and giant kaiju movies and he tried to bring a bit of that sensibility into here, it definitely plays heavily into the film. They’re a big part of this world that Arthur gets to explore.After watching the film, it's clear the Karathen definitely drew some inspiration from both classic and modern Kaiju designs. 

Aquaman kaiju


It seems James Wan couldn't help but throw a small reference to his own work in Aquaman. Some fans reported that  the Annabelle doll from Wan's Conjuring universe can be seen floating along the seafloor. It just outside the ship where Vulko, Aquaman, and Mera discuss their plan to dethrone Orm and broker peace between the surface world and Atlantis. It seems only natural that Annabelle makes a cameo in the super hero actioner.

aquaman annabell

1.H.P. Lovecraft

James Wan is a self-professed super fan of Lovecraftian horror. There are elements of H.P. Lovecraft's influence strewn throughout the film, likes Cthulhu.When Thomas Curry brings Queen Atlanna into his home, there's a copy of The Dunwich Horror - a Lovecraft story about Cthulu - underneath a snow globe on his coffee table.And also the Karathen is certainly inspired by Lovecraft's creation, with the trench monsters showcasing similar otherworldly attributes that made Lovecraft's work so admired. 


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