Welcome to Xcoser®, we have more than a decade of experience in Cosplay Products, Customized Services, Peripheral Business,and have always been a World Leading Professional in the Cosplay industry. We never change our original intention of improving the not-so-big industry of Cosplay,and always keep refining our service level. Here is our latest " Xcoser Quick Guide" for you, our dear customer,which includes Tools and Tips that you may use in the shopping process.  Please make the most of them and enjoy a pleasant shopping tour ! !


  1.  Size chart:https://www.xcoser.com/pages/how-to-measure

  2.  Supplementary fee:https://www.xcoser.com/products/extra

  3.  Customer service:https://www.xcoser.com/pages/xcoser-customer-service-desk /  ▶info@xcoser.com

  4.  User guide:Still working on it ~

  5.  Refund policy:https://www.xcoser.com/pages/returns

  6.  FAQ:https://m.xcoser.com/apps/help-center

  7.  Discount example:https://www.xcoser.com/pages/discount-example-2