Xcoser 1:1 Scale Replica Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

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Feedback from our customers:halo odst helmethalo helmet resinodst helmet resin

Repainted by our customer:halo 3 odst resin helmet replica

FB: @Bella Marie Hartigan


FB: @Adam Penny

Adam Penny

Game: Halo 3
Character: ODST
Color: As shown
Size: One Size, Fitting Adult Head Normally
Include: 1*Helmet 
Material: Resin

1:1 Scale Replica Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

  • You can breathe freely even wearing this halo 3 helmet.
  • The helmet is made of resin, very firm and durable to use.
  • It's 1:1 scale replicated and carefully painted, highly similar to the helmet in the game.
  • You can look through the helmet screen so clearly 
  • The helmet is a great choice for halo fans on comic-con, cosplay contest, daily wear, and paintball (You can change the visor for paintball).
  • You can repaint this helmet by yourself as you like.
  • However, please note:  that the helmet is only used for cosplay, it does not have professional protection functions, if you want a special riding helmet, in order to better protect yourself, please go to a qualified store to buy.

NEW REVIEW from FB: @Adam Penny :

Video Feedback from our Fans:




    "Soldiers, We are ODST, the best soldiers in the army.

    If we fail, these aliens will attack earth.

    They will take our land, kill our children, and enslave our people.

    We must win, your family is waiting for you.

    You all heard it! 

    Check your equipment.

    It is time for adventure!"

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    great build and likeness

    great build overall, the color scheme is not very good, but i paid for the piece itself and i can repaint it with no problem, the piece is made of fiberglass and is propperly sealed i first believed it was made with poliuretane casting but is not the case. its a bit sturdy and heavy, it is not flexible. the sunshield is very soft but it has the correct shape, the interior is padded and confortable. i have long hair and still can fit my head. i noticed the shape is a bit deformed as it will be very big if made like the original one but is ok anyway.
    for the prie i will recommend it without doubt, i liked it so much and the color is just a personal taste thing.

    Wayy Better Than I thought! The Detail and durabilitu is Remarkable

    Now when I pressed The buy Button. I had then looked at the reviews and It was kind of suspicious how this product had nothing but 5 stars all the time. Until I recieved the Helmet I was impressed. Before recieving the helmet, I was like " Heh maybe this company is getting their own employees to rate it 5 stars so that ppl are more likely to buy it and keep a small number of bad reviews to lower suspicion". But however, when i received the helmet I was overwhelmed by how awesome and remarkable it was . I then wore the helmet and then I felt like an odst It was comfy. So then I applied 35% Window tint and I couldnt see from the outside But on the inside I could see just fine It was not darkend as much as I thought it would and I greatly appreciate the slight darkness that Xcoser adds to the visor to kind of aid in hiding my ugly hideous dark face and all I need to add is 35% window tint I LOVE THE HWLMET

    Easy to breathe

    The Helmet has a small spacing underneath to breathe easily, however you can add your own foam padding underneath and drill a vent on the sides to alteenate the breathing area. Overall durable and Tactical Helmet. Its very easy to run while using it as long as you have it on correctly. The helmet is Easy ro use as long as you add your own fans inside them.

    Worth the money !

    I bought the helmet thing it was gonna be a good price to add to my cosplay set. I was right the stock paint is good for the money but just the helmet itself is very well made. It’s comfy on my head and I can wear it for hours. I changed the paint to make my outfit and it looks fantastic the only down side for me is I wish the visor tint was a little darker so you don’t see your face. Again in my opinion is a little too light but still good to make it perfect I only have to spend 30 bucks which makes the total 120 bucks. Oh I almost forgot I bought this on Christmas and it’s the 30th as I’m writing this so I would say it has some fast shipping at least for me

    Really great

    I purchased the helmet for Christmas for my nephew and he absolutely loved it. It is very well made and as realistic as it can be.

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