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The Grinch VS The Grinch (2018), Which is Your Favorite?

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Almost every kid in America has heard about the holiday-hating curmudgeon at one point in their life. The Grinch has become a festive film over the years since the 1957 Dr Seuss’s picture book creation. The 1966 animated version, the 2000 live-action, and the 2006 musical version have all created a captivating effect among various generations of children.

The Grinch

The deep sense of pity the movie evoked in me when I saw it is second to none. How a Christmas grouch becomes a Christmas lover will only remain a mystery to you until you get the message from The Grinch. Buying the Grinch costume and mask then remains the best option for me to keep in touch with the the theme portrayed in the movie. Trust me, I wouldn't attempt to steal Christmas!

The Grinch

The Grinch is a 2018 movie which is an adaptation of Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, however, with a few differences. The Grinch is an expanded version of the earlier tales.

The script of the earlier versions was confined to rhyme. This tends to make the 90-minute movie a bit boring. However, the 2018 version allows for a more casual conversation as the characters even engage in silly asides and “emotional eating.”

The Grinch

Also, while the earlier versions boasted horrific-looking character as its Grinch, which could be too creepy for kids, the 2018 version adopts a happier vibe through the introduction of Whoville and its inhabitants with warmth and reverie. The “Green Goddess” dye which the Grinch employs chases away the grey suit the earlier versions follow. It uses a more vivid colour, with complementary cuffs and collar. Also, the few sage words that Cindy Lou, the now rambunctious little girl, offer Grinch lead to his eventual change of heart. The heart-warming scene where the Whos’ Christmas and love songs blow the Grinch away can make anybody tear up.

The Grinch

In the earlier Grinch tales, we were refrained from knowing the reason behind Grinch’s utter hatred for Christmas. However, the new version presents a backstory, through a flashback – even though tragic, that explains how he was excluded from the feasting celebration of the Who’s children. This made him harden his heart against holidays and the Whoville neighbours.

The Grinch

While the new version, together with the earlier ones, ends on a note of love with the eventual acceptance of the Christmas season by Grinch, there is a line of difference if transpired after the return of the stolen presents. The previous Grinch tales present Grinch as diving into the festivities upon returning all the stolen gifts and décor, however, the new version presents Grinch’s hesitation to participate in the festivities; he shuts himself back inside his lonely home. It’s upon his invitation by Cindy Lou Who for Christmas dinner that he summons the courage to attend, even though he waits at their doorway. He is horrified of being rejected or becoming a castaway once again.

The Grinch

This act portrays Cindy Lou as a kind-hearted fellow while also portraying Grinch as courageous. The Grinch strikes a resemblance with the feelings of loneliness and solitude that are shared with strangers in the real world.

The Grinch 2018 Costume


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