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Queen of the Sea - Mera

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Initially depicted as a supporting character to her better half, the hero Aquaman, present day authors have customarily underscored Mera's very own superhuman physical quality and supernatural capacity to control water, depicting her as an incredible superhuman in her very own right. As of late, Mera has even highlighted as an individual from DC Funnies' lead hero group, the Equity Class. Mera's storylines have likewise depicted mental breakdown looked with devastating misfortune and investigated her endeavors at adapting to enduring outrage and anger.

Mera from Aquaman

Mera is the previous Ruler of Measurement Water (Xebel), Ruler of Atlantis, and spouse of DC Funnies hero Aquaman. Mera likewise has a twin sister named Hila.


In her first sequential appearance, Mera is appeared to escape the criminal Leron, who seized control of her kingdom, when she touches base on Earth and meets Aquaman and Aqualad, who pledge to encourage her. Leron catches them, detaining Aquaman and Mera in Measurement Water. Helped by the water soul known as Quisp, Aquaman figures out how to free Mera and annihilations Leron. Mera renounces the position of authority of Xebel to Ruler V'lana, and comes back to Atlantis to wed Aquaman. Before long, they had a child named Arthur Curry, Jr., otherwise called Aquababy.

Forces and powers

Mera has the extraordinary capacity to shape "hard water" objects, and additionally super quality and forces identified with her adjustment to living submerged. She has been appeared to be ground-breaking enough to control, though quickly, gigantic measures of water, enough to haul a whole armed force out to ocean. Because of her proposed job as an infiltrator and an executioner, Mera got broad preparing in Xebel, turning into an impressive rival individually.



Prior stories set a few cutoff points on Mera's capacities, for example, powerlessness to lead. In any case, her principle shortcoming was her battle with mental craziness, made increasingly obvious after A.J's. demise. When associated to be the waiting impact with the maniacal breakdown languished over the loss of her solitary child, with Mera reprimanding Arthur for his inadequacies, it has later been uncovered to be the result of the torn loyalties between her obligations towards Xebel and her adoration for Arthur, and the full learning that Dark Manta really despised her (for concealing Jackson from him) more than Aquaman himself, and in this way concealing her duties in the occasions.


Mera Costume

At the point when Mera first swam onto the pages of Aquaman's comic, she had on a full body, green bathing suit. There was a little kelp configuration running up the ensemble from the side of the legs, as far as possible up to her best. This sleeveless troupe was connected at the best around the neck. There was a little neckline and the feet were formed into balances. This outfit would be the reason for the majority of Mera's future attire structures. As princess and later ruler, she would wear a gold crown. In run of the mill DC super heroine style, it looked increasingly like a tiara.

Mera Wig

Mera Costume 2018


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