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My View Of The Cuddle Team Leader Skin For Fortnite

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Ever since the Fortnite game came out in 2017, I have been losing a lot of sleep. I always found myself playing the game every night instead of sleeping or studying. The avatars in the game are so nice with a lot of cool costumes or skins to go with them.

fortnite Cuddle Team Leader helmet

The game is usually played by myself and my online friends. Together we play the Fortnite Battle Royale mode where we fight other online players to see which team or player is the last man standing.

One spectacular feature of the game is the skin that is worn by Avatars in the game. I have found myself using my real cash to buy V-Buck ( The game's currency) which I use in buying skins for my avatar. Recently the Cuddle Team Leader skin has caught my Eye.

fortnite Cuddle Team Leader helmet

The Cuddle Team Leader skin is one of the eight items in a Royale hearts set. The other items in the collection include a Cuddle bow, Love ranger, Love wings, True love, Kiss Kiss, Tat Axe, and Bear Force One. The Pink color made me instantly drawn to the outfit along with the huge bear head mask and dark pink gloves. The broken heart detail on the costume gives me an "I don't need a man" kind of vibe too which I like so much.

fortnite Cuddle Team Leader helmet

The outfit did cost me about 2000 V-Bucks (Which is about $20 in real money), but it was totally worth it considering how rare it is. This skin only usually appears during the Valentine season, which means it appears just once a year. Buying the outfit also means that you get a free crossbow weapon, cool right?

I would definitely want to get a similar mask in real life so I can be Cuddle Team Leader in both the real and virtual worlds. And here on xcoser's website has something like it for sale.

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