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Fortnite Drift Mask and How to Grab it

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I really want you to earn a victory in your next big gaming con, ok? But hey, make a trip out of your discomfort and grab a win on the cheap!

Honestly, my first sight and use of this mask got me scared. Imagine I’ve not been used to Fortnite mask, I can’t believe this style will be easy to get. But guess what? Of all the legendary outfits, Drift is one of the easiest to grab.     

fortnite drift mask


Get familiar with legendary Fortnite Drift

The Drift is one of the legendary male skin outfits for the game Fortnite Battle Royale with amazing unlockable styles of features. Although Drift does not add any extra function of benefit, the outfit changes my outlook and gives aesthetics.

Fortnite Drift is an incredible outfit that helps you along the way. It unlocks itself through the Season 5 Battle Pass once purchased. It works pretty much like the Ragnarok.

Amazingly, the full Drift skin features six selectable designs that can be unlocked in-game, but I needed to earn XP before I could unlock each of the stages. It isn't difficult to zip through unlocking each stage in the twinkle of an eye: complete matches and concentrate on Challenges. There are five levels of the Drift style (Drift Style 1, Style 2, Style 3 and Mask, Style 4 and Pickaxe and Style 5). Each of the Drift styles offers you specific points and levels. 

fortnite drift mask

Drift legendary Design?

Matchless! Here are few of the features that I found out in the Drift outfit design: a soft-looking avatar wearing a white sleeveless shirt and some black pants; slick golden outlines and a black face mask. The full skin consists of different layers of black and gold robe that emits pink lightning particles as well as a white and pink colored fox mask, often called feline kitsune mask.

How do you grab Drift?  

Not funny, man. To get the Drift legendary costume, I’ve got to make a purchase of the paid Season 5 Battle Pass. Once done, this Tier 1 costume was offered for me for free. Interesting!

fortnite drift mask


You’ve got no other Fortnite mask that competes with Drift. It is truly legendary. By the time you unlock all its styles, O my goodness, Drift will wow your gaming experience. Here is the final great news: you need not to rush to complete unlocking all stages.   

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