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After I Watched The Grinch (2018), What I think A Lot

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When an emotional movie is being viewed, as an emotional being, a feeling of pity becomes inevitable. Even as an adult, I had to control the long river of tears running down my eyes. You might think it doesn't really worth it. Nonetheless, I bet you will have similar feelings when you see the long-age movie.

The Grinch

Grinch is presented as a character that lives in complete isolation on Mount Crumpit. He probably doesn’t want to face the problems of life for fear of failure. Or, he may have suffered great neglect or disapproval in the early part of his life. This wounded experience makes him withdraw himself from the society. He thus translates into an individual who derives joy by depriving other people of what brings them happiness, especially during the yuletide. The flashback into his past depicts him as a young, innocent, and kindhearted fellow who is devoid of any corruption. However, his decision to be alone is based on his self-imposed exile.  He even spends his entire life thing the Whos. These, coupled with his small-sized heart description, clearly portray him as suffering from organic inferiority. He fails to see his potential to live in a way that conforms to the norms and customs of his society.

The Grinch

Similarly, while in isolation, Grinch is unable to meet belongingness and love needs, according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He lacks people with whom he could associate. This deters him from moving beyond the physiological needs level in the hierarchy.

 The Grinch

Grinch’s decision to cart away the Christmas gifts of the people of Whoville is indicative of the superiority complex. This is when an individual has an exaggerated opinion of their abilities and accomplishments. Grinch, therefore, decides to exert such dominance, without considering the bitterness such an action would cause the people. He also exerts a similar influence on Max, his dog by converting him into a reindeer. The exploitative effort is in a bid to alleviate the discomfort that basic anxiety causes.

The Grinch

The gradual transformation of Grinch into a more socially-adjusted might not be unconnected with the unconditional affection developed towards him by Cindy Lou. It could also be viewed from another perspective: that Cindy Lou reminds him of his younger version characterized by a kind-giving heart before its trampling at a tender age. He even prevents the sled from slithering on the mountain. Either way, the influence of Cindy Lou in his eventual reconciliation with Whoville cannot be less spoken of.

The Grinch

The truth is that all human beings have the innate ability and potential to associate with others while also serving the society in which they live. Every society works towards the achievement of certain goals, which are only achievable when everyone cooperates. This is evident in the eventual decision of Grill to return all the presents and also carve the Roast Beast.  Also, the influence shows that environmental influences are greater than biological influence. Grinch’s potential of social interest only becomes activated upon his encounter with environmental influences conveyed on him by Cindy Lou. Generally, the Whos provide him with a deep sense and feeling of acceptance and safety; hence, his eventual decision to follow his inherent propensity toward self-realisation or self-actualisation.

The Grinch

I really need to keep this movie resonating in my mind, especially on every Yuletide. That's why I won't hesitate to buy the Grinch costume and mask.

The Grinch Costume (2018)


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