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Dr. Strange Eye Of Agamotto 1:1 full metal glowing role-playing prop

Movie: Doctor Strange

Character: Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange

Material: Alloy

Battery type: CR927 (requires two button batteries at a time)

Product size: about 10 cm, 1:1 restore the film prototype

Weight: 350g

Including the Eye of Aga motorcycle


Metal casting process, with hand-woven leather cord, length 65CM
Color using antique copper process, as far as possible to restore the feeling of ancient magic weapon
The electric light switch is located inside the Eye Of Agamotto. You need to open and close the back cover, then turn on the light. The main purpose is to avoid leaving the switch on the exterior of the instrument and damaging the quality of the instrument.
Using 2 CR927 button cell batteries, the light emitting chip automatically turns off after 15 minutes of opening, energy saving mode
The eye can be opened and closed from the front with a flick, but also from the back to open and operate the back cover
About Eye Of Agamotto.

Eye Of Agamotto, the mysterious magic weapon of the Marvel Universe, first appeared in Fantasy Tales No. 115 (December 1963). It is one of the mysterious magic treasures of the Supreme Wizard, able to see through many illusions. , decipher dark magic, and even observe the past and the future.
Users have successively Valley One and Dr. Strange. Eye Of Agamotto was destroyed when Dr. Strange and the exterminator fought on Titan.

When the Eye of Agomoto is opened, it radiates a dazzling light containing endless magical power (commonly known as "transformation light"), allowing Dr. Strange to see through disguises, break illusions, summon images of the past, and use the magical physical properties of creatures to control what they are tracking! (Eye Of Agamotto radiates rays of pure energy that can harm the unclean of heart, while having a magical effect on undead spirits, demons and creatures that live in darkness. This function is known as the "power of omniscience". The Eye of Agomoto makes it easier for the singularity to perceive the thoughts of spiritual beings.


Please allow for slight size variations due to different hand measurements.
Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.
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