Xcoser Star Wars:The Bad Batch Captain Rex TCW Phase II Helmet Halloween Cosplay

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Xcoser Star Wars:The Bad Batch Captain Rex TCW Phase II Helmet


TV Star Wars: The Bad BatchStar Wars: The Clone Wars /Star Wars Rebels
Character: Clone Captain RexCT-7567
Color: Blue and White
Size: One fits most,about 58-62cm.
Including: A Helmet
Material: Resin
Xcoser Star Wars:The Bad Batch Captain Rex TCW Phase II Helmet

Rex, a clone captain and adjutant of Anakin Skywalker, is close to Ahsoka Tano. 

After the infamous Order 66, he briefly fought against the chip's hold on him and eventually removed it with the help of Tano and chose his own position as an independent clone trooper.

"But we're not droids. We're not progammed. You have to learn to make you own decisions.
Captain Rex  is a frank and perceptive clone commander who always keeps his own independent mind, which is very rare among Clone Troopers. 

Captain Rex customized his Helmet and Armor using a distinctive blue as the primary color. Also,his Phase II Helmet, which combines the original Phase I visor and Phase II respirator components, is a unique customization. These unique colors, patterns and design elements are allowing one to easily spot him among the thousands of clone troopers.

Manual Painting and Polishing

Apply Weathering Effects

Great Details Treatment

Manual Painting and Polishing

Helmet is Manual made and paint-sprayed by our professionals

1:1 Restore to the Original Helmet

Helmet is painted satin white

Blue "Jaig eyes" on the forehead

Great Details Treatment

Teeth is cut out and backed with black mesh

Weathering Effects Application on the "weld lines"

More Characteristics:

High Similarity Design

High-End Collection

SW Cosplay Essentials

High Similarity Design

Pay attention to the restoration of every detail

High-End Collection

This helmet is also a collectible item

SW Cosplay Essentials

Great gift for Halloween, Comic-Con, SW Day, Role-play

【 QUALITY MATERIALS 】 The use of high-quality resin provides a good balance between durability and weight of the Helmet.

【 TV REPLICA 】 The composite of fine craftsmanship and design, 1:1 recreation of Captain Rex's phase 2 Helmet details from Star Wars:The Bad Batch.

【 DETAILED IMMERSION 】 Adjustable rangefinder, with aging and metal wearing effect on the surface of the Helmet, highly enhance the immersion as Rex, the fearless Clone Captain.

【 ADDTIONAL COMFORT 】 Visor using non-reflective transparent material to increase visibility, as well as adding hidden breathable grid and built-in all-round removable foam pad , to ensure the same great role-playing and wearing experience.

【 COLLECTIBLE COSPLAY 】 Perfect for Comic-con, Theme parties and Star Wars cosplay.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Jones
Captain Rex

I really like the helmet. Looks good. The weathering looks good to me. Fits good. Very happy with it.

Thank you for your review,so sweet♥♥♥

Captain Rex helmet

Very good work on this helmet and good attention to detail. Would recommend buying from this company.

thank you very much,my pleasure

Joshua Stone
Captain Rex Helmet

Outstanding product, fast shipping an great price

Alejandra Mills
Worth recommending

The overall workmanship is very reliable, so you don't have to worry about problems such as falling off when you wear it. The coloring and weathering effects are also spot on. At this price point it's a great value.
If you've been searching for a finished Rex helmet this one is the one .

Micah Parter

Seriously,I have been looking for a good Captain Rex helmet for almost a year now and this one is absolutly AMAZING. Very high quality and it looks exactly like the pictures. It’s very comfortable to wear and easy to see out of too.

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