Rogue One Jyn Erso Wig A Star Wars Story Wigs Costume Cosplay Black Long Curly Wavy Hair Accessories

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So overall, I was a bit skeptical at first since this was a mask order from what I assumed to be China. I figured it would have been made of cheap foam and the paint would be chipping off BUT OH MY GOD WAS I WRONG!!!! This thing is beautiful, YOU CAN EVEN RIP OFF HIS BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL HORN (that parts for those of you who love Cayde 6 dialogue) The quality is a hard resin that if necessary, you can use a heat gun on to mold better to your heads shape! it's durability utilizes a fiber mesh as well as resin coated over it! They give you a good base coat so you dont need to even paint your mask unless you decide to weather it like I did! it also has TONS of cushions for your face and seeing that my head is huge and accommodates that, I CAN TOTALLY SAY I'M HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE <3 <3 <3 I plan to also mod this helmet buy adding LEDs and a voice modulator when I have the time and i can already see where my wiring would go! TRUST ME, THIS IS A SPLENDID PRODUCT.


Do not be scared by the price. It totally deserves the price you pay. It's really of high quality and so durable. It looks almost the same as the kylo ren helmet in movie. You won't regret buying this.