We all Mandalorians. This is the way.

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The shoulder piece is absolutely stunning and very accurate! Fits very well with my cosplay outfit and I cannot wait to start making videos!

Thank you for your trust and love,looking forward to sharing us your videos about it


It's just amazing. I'm a helmet collector, and this is really amazing. I've bought a variety of helmets and T-60 helmets. This company's T-60 helmet is perfect in both molding and painting. There are no scratches or uneven paint. The mechanical details are perfectly reproduced, and it's hard to believe it's made of resin. There's no distortion, and the molding technology is high. Usually, there's something to be dissatisfied with at this price range, but this is really perfect. I'm sure it will be able to defeat Deathclaws. Please, can you also release helmets from deadspace 2 and other sources? I should have paid more for the tip.
Before I purchased this helmet, I asked repeatedly about the material. They told me with amazing speed and accuracy that the helmet was made of polyester resin, not urethane. Urethane is a good material, but I don't like it very much because of the risk of hydrolysis. I bought it without hesitation after learning that this company's helmet is made of sturdy, high-quality polyester resin. Not only the product but also the support is excellent. If there is a problem, I'm sure they will answer politely and handle refunds.

Thank you for your love and support very much,which will encourage us to do better;about the other helmets that you mentioned,I will give feedback to the R&D department to see if it will be produced after market research. Anyway,have a good time!

Vessel mask

Very impressed. Solid hand made work. Would order again. Ty.

Thank you,we will try to do better.

Mando beskar armor

I got a custom for flight suit measurements all fit well. However the ties on the chest and shoulder armor could be better placed. Instead of the top ties for chest armor being on cape would suit better on the vest with the bottom chest armor ties. The bandolear should have a better way of assembling it was quite confusing. And same for the belt and belt buckle. But I love the costume very much and am very happy with it.

Thank you,we will try to do better.

Captain Rex

I really like the helmet. Looks good. The weathering looks good to me. Fits good. Very happy with it.

Thank you for your review,so sweet♥♥♥


I’m 5’0 100lbs. I ordered an S and it fit like a glovvvee! Speaking of, the gloves were quite long but that’s okay! The hat is cute and fit perfect. Have yet to try on the “shoes” but they looked nice. It’s a very good quality-looking cosplay overall I was very impressed and excited. It arrived in 2 weeks (regular delivery). -u-

Thank you so much,have a great cosplay!

Great looking helmet

It’s built great, looks great. My only complaint is it fits small. Can’t wear it but it is great for a display.

Thank you for your trust and love,your suggestion has been received and will be fed back to the R&D team,and we will do better in the future~

Great phase one helmet

It looks great, very authentic! Only issue is the upper part, around the eyes, is extremely tight. It actually scratched both sides of my face around the eyes.
It looks amazing and the construction is second to none!

Thank you for your trust and love,your suggestion has been received and will be fed back to the R&D team,and we will do better in the future~

5 stars for Fives

The helmet is really solid and good quality. It shipped quickly and when it arrived it was packaged securely.

Thank you for your love,and we will make better in the future~

Unbelievable helmet!

Crazy detail on this helmet, another winner! One complaint, I can’t get it on my head. With the face portion of the helmet, it is incredibly small. All other helmets I have purchased from you fit great. This one not at all. Still, looks great in my collection.

Thank you for your trust and love,your suggestion has been received and will be fed back to the R&D team,and we will do better in the future~

Kylo Ren Costume

It fits perfectly. Very well made costume. Thick fabrics. Only the scarf frays a bit. But the costume is worth the money

Thank you for your trust and love,we will do better in the future~

Nicely set up with Velcro ready to go

Have a good time~

I love this cosplay😍

This cosplay is perfect!! The outfit is 100% accurate to the show and it’s super comfortable and cute. It’s my favorite costume ever🩷

Wolverine Costume Review Updates

I filmed a whole review video to collaborate with XCOSER on this one and have attached the link below. Hoping to also wear it to the premier of the Deadpool 3 film! If you're looking for the best quality with XCOSER this is it! Go check out the review and see what you're missing. YouTube video placeholder
It’s like it’s right off the set.

This is the 10th helmet I’ve ordered and another outstanding helmet! The fit is perfect, not to loose not to tight. Excellent vision while wearing. Love the materials used to make it, not crappy lightweight plastic. Looks exactly like the shows and movies! These helmets are the best ones out there.

Pomni Costume

Love it!! fits great and perfect for my cosplay! i got a large. I’m 5’8” and weigh 150 lbs

so beautiful,so great

Pomni Outfit.

I am 5" 8' and 135 pounds and went with a medium. It fit perfectly. Super cute and excited to cosplay with it. I paid for the fastest shipping and it took about 3 weeks for delivery.

thank you for your sharing,we will make it better


Great quality. Fit well once I figured out how the straps worked. Would recommend to anyone.

thank you for your sharing,we will make it better,and the new one is on production,Please stay tuned

Captain Rex helmet

Very good work on this helmet and good attention to detail. Would recommend buying from this company.

thank you very much,my pleasure

Jazz intensifies

Great helmet for the price, probably one of the best values in the cosplay/ display world. Will be purchasing another soon

ahhhh,so great,our pleasure,but sorry to say that due to shipping costs and exchange rates change, prices have increased, hope you don't mind it。

Excellent mask

The mask is great for any Sleep Token fan, a little bigger than I expected, but not by too much, looks great with my black ST hoodie, has an good three-way strap and facial padding, and is pretty sturdy, great for wearing or displaying on your wall.


As someone who has more than 20 Xcoser helmets I'm thrilled with this Clone Commando helmet. Fit and finish are top notch. Ordering directly from Xcoser was very smooth and I've ordered several more. GREAT JOB!

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Great Helmet

Exactly what is pictured, very comfortable. Fits perfectly.