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Thor: Ragnarok on the Latest Must-see Spoilers Now!

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Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3, there is only several days left! While busy with the shooting of Hammer brother, and Loki, who could not attend the Chinese premiere and other activities, but as long as the movie is awesome, these are only tiny little regret.

Thor: Ragnarok of the rotten tomato on fresh degrees, does not drop anti-liters! Rotten tomato freshness from 98%to 99%, currently contains 70 fresh and 1 rotten, the weight average molecular weight of 7. 7 in.

To this end, the Director also post on twitter "And that one is from Variety who have literally hated all of my films"

And from saw the premiere of the audience get the latest spoiler alert: the trailer is deceiving you!

Everyone from the Spider-Man: Homecoming had deeply felt this point, which is what Iron Man and Spider-Man fighting together...however, this maximum may ensure that the trailers for the positive sheet of secret and attractive to the audience. Has high expectations plus support plus the trailers are deceptive Double temptation, online presale has started, looking forward to the Thor: Ragnarok of box office big explosion.

In addition, Marvel Comics has recently demonstrated a new Thor conceptual diagram, draw The is Odin Borson holding a Mjolnir! This image originally appeared in this month just out of the divinity of Thor on the 700 period commemorative issue double-page, editor Wil Moss said that it was "Where the line of fate is towards" in Karnilla illusion.

“Here you can see a lot of spoilers about future content,”writer Jason Aaron says,“some of the stories will be told in Thor, the other is elsewhere, some in different publications interspersed. From the first period of Marvel Tradition to the 700 period of Thor, I'm really lay the groundwork for the grandest stories of Marvel for 2018, this is also likely to be my date for Marvel to write the most ambitious stories. You can found many of the hints here. I'm also particularly excited to let everyone see the story to that what it means for Thor and entire marvel universe."

The painter of Thor Russell Russel Dauterman show more conceptual diagrams of Thor series, including Golden Hammer of Odin, the goddess of fate, Quentin with Phoenix force, the War: Thor, the new design of the Kurse, mountain giants Titanya, Ro Bloodroot and Mangog.

 The Goddess of Fate

 Quentin with Phoenix Force

 The War: Thor

 New Version of Kurse

 Mountain Giant Titanya

 Ro Bloodroot



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