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Eleven Details in the Trailer of The Justice League You May Have Missed

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The first official trailer of the Justice League has been announced for times. It's hard for you to be not excited.

This trailer not only highlights the refreshing comedy tone, but also seems to deliberately amuse us (although we do not know whether this style in the final film can be retained), which there are many exciting details of the elements. Of course, the fans will also adjust their expectations.

Specifically, this trailer is a collection of a large number of beautiful images consisting of a group of montage, which contains a lot of hidden information, eggs and grass snake gray line clues, suggesting that the film and more long-term expansion of the future of the universe To the direction. In addition, there are some very strange symbolic meaning.

Although Zach Schneider does not rule out the possibility of combining some unrelated images to provoke fans, the underlying content implied by the 11 details will make the fans happy when the film is released.

11.Zach Snyder's obsession with the horse

Trailer opened a group of lens shows, Bruce Wayne riding in the steep, cold seaside high ground, tracking Aquaman to recruit him to join the Justice League.

Bruce has been riding on horseback, which once again highlights Zach Snyder recently on this animal strange love. In his "Batman vs Superman" in a number of out of place appeared in the horse's lens, such as when Zod fought with Superman, Bruce burst into the dusty streets, ran out of a horse; Senate building explosion, outside there is a warrior to maintain order; Superman's coffin in the street slowly forward, there was a carriage.

Some people may think that these horses symbolize the end of the revelation, or Dakeside and its magic army where the Apocalypse. In any case, at least in the film will be more horse than the trailer, because Snyder seems really very obsessed with its symbolic meaning.

10."Batman vs Superman" Knight Nightmare Mirror

When Bruce stares at the fishing village, it is hard not to think of the chilling "Knight Nightmare" in the "Batman vs Superman", and there are many similarities between the two scenes.
First of all, Bruce stands high down the fishing village of the lens, it seems that directly corresponds to his "Batman vs Superman" to see the world's last day. Look at Bruce's face details, he will snow goggles to the head, just with his knight in the nightmare scene in the shape of exactly the same.
Even if there is no other level of meaning, it is still a cool compliment, especially its black color scheme.

9. Hero Park reproduction

In the trailer, we can see Cyborg show his talents, with his super power to block a fire tank, so that a police officer survived

If you look at the left side of the lens, it is clear that this scene is actually in the metropolitan hero park, in the "Man of Steel" in this area was destroyed, to the "Batman vs Superman", was transformed To commemorate the victim's park ... ... but destroy the day and Superman a war basically ruined it.

It seems that another battle will be staged in the same place, it seems not coincidental, perhaps the Steppenwolf's plan decided that he must start from there.

8. The Flash smile at Superman?

One of the most impressive visual effects in the trailer is Cyborg, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman  in the style of the background before the show their own style of "heroic lens."

This group of pictures is great, you will notice that the Flash seems to be smiling at the Wonder Woman. But its clips are very strange, isn't it? And where did Batman go?
So theoretically, this lens should actually appear in the film near the end of the time, Superman return to the Justice League, and Batman standing together in the middle of the team, and then the Flash grinned.

7.Wonder Woman vs Lex Luthor?

A brief action lens shows that Woman Woman easily beat a group of heavily armed human guards, and then there is no more relevant to the supplement.

Some may argue that she is breaking into a museum to search for an ancient weapon, but it is more likely that Lex Luther will appear in the "Justice League".

For a long time, we have known that he will appear in the film, but this time he did not appear in the trailer. Although it is likely that he is still in jail for most of the time in the movie, it does not mean that he will not have what Wonder Women are in desperate need.
And the buildings in the picture look very luxurious, but also exactly like Luther can have the property, these armed guards probably he hired to keep some items.

6.Queen Hippolyta

In the second half of the trailer, there have been some great "Lord of the Rings" style of war scenes, the war is likely to appear in the opening of the film fragments: thousands of years ago, Dacside led the army, Trying to conquer the earth, was Atlantis, Amazon and human coalition successfully repulsed.

In the epic style of the fighting picture, an Amazon female warrior jumped into the air to rush forward, she is likely to be the Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman.

Whether it is continued by Connie Nelson played this role, or to find a young actress instead of or the use of increasingly popular CGI face-lift, to see the Queen of Paradise Island queen with his ministers with the charge, has let the fans worthwhile trip.

5.Tragedy on Cyborg

A very interesting picture shows that Cyborg is obviously going through some sort of misfortune. As for what happened, nothing more than the following: he witnessed the death of his father Dr. Silas Stone (trailer can see the Parademons broke into his apartment); or most likely, his mechanical ability to enhance the interference by Parademons.

it can be very sure that he played in this film is a very critical role, anyway, he will have a rich emotional drama, Creating a dramatic progressive climax.

4.The ax of Steppenwolf

Although the Steppenwolf did not appear in the trailer , but his ax seems to have flashed by.

When Aquaman  in the suspected Atlantis cruising, a burning giant ax flying from his side, apparently Steppenwolf in order to find the box.

Although in this picture, whether it is Steppenwolf control of the ax has yet to be verified, but the answer may be yes. Considering that the action in the water often looks stupid, but this trailer has let us relieved, in fact it underwater lens looks cool.

3. Wonder Woman scared Aquaman 

Cyborg and Aquaman in a Krypton-style building (maybe a Steppenwolf fortress) is preparing to attack, Wonder Woman suddenly jumped to help them.

At this moment, you can see Cyborg hiding her look, and then quickly returned to a confident state. Considering that it seems that Cyborg seems to be the most rebellious role in this film, this little funny moment may suggest that Wonder Woman is the only one who can keep him vigilant.

In any case, this is a fun and subtle physical details of the show, hope that in the final film this action will have a richer meaning.

2. hints that Batman's past

The trailer was nearing the end, and the fans first saw J.K. Simmon' version of James Gordon, who told Batman that it' s nice to see him in the group.

Although the surface of the view, Gordon seems to be pleased to see Batman in the joint Superman and the mysterious women defeated the day after the destruction of cooperation with others, this sentence means the subtext actually refers to the Batman more distant past.

This is certainly hinted by Joker and Halley Quinn killed Robin, as well as personal films already in the planning of the night wings. Although the film seems unlikely to chase these roles, but some similar provocative dialogue is still very popular.

1.Cyborg Flying

Trailer finally presented the coolest of a lens of the current DC expansion of the universe! Aquaman took the bat car jumped against the Parademons, caught by Steppenwolf followed.

This spot is very fast, so you can easily ignore the left Cyborg flying, and this lens or shooting from behind him, so do not wait for you to notice him, he has disappeared in the dazzling blue light and background.

However, in a few frames of the screen, his head can still be identified, so this unknown flying object is not suspected of some fans that is the strange new alliance of new transport.


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