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The Rust Lord of the Fortnite's Battle Royale

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Fortnite is not your usual video game, fortnite has positioned itself to become one of the most played games since its release in 2017. It's now a movement. Coolest game movement that's fast becoming a harmless addiction.

fortnite rust lord Helmet

Talk of the different game modes which include Fortnite's Save the World, where up to four players to fight off creepy creatures and defend objects with defence structures they can build. Fortnite Battle Royale, where up to a hundred players fight and only one person stands in the end. And Fortnite Creative, where players are free to create worlds and battle areas. Fortnite battle Royale remains the coolest of the modes. Who doesn't like to compete in a virtual shootout? Being the last man standing means real bragging rights for the whole week! Imagine winning a bet that others I played with would have to feed me the whole week off I won?

What's super exciting is the masks and outfits you get as you advance in the game. And Trust me, tier 23, where you get the Rust Lord outfit seemed a very long way to go at first.

fortnite rust lord cosplay Helmet

What clicked when you first saw the mask? Star-Lord? That's right! Rust Lord is named after a superhero from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Remember the star lord makes a living from picking trash items and selling them for profit? That's probably why Fortnite names Rust Lord "King of scrap heap". It may even be that Rust Lord was the Renegade Raider duo based on the fact they are both parts of the Storm Scavenger set.

fortnite rust lord cosplay Helmet

Reputation aside, rust lord outfit is still the coolest of all the gears in season three. The perfect costume to earn you points during Halloween . The mask crowning its awesomeness. I enjoyed the fact that the outfit was inspired by the guardians of the galaxy movie, one of the best movies on my list. And could you tell if the face behind the mask was male or female? Yeah? That crowns it all!

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