Stones of Destiny 【Essay Competition】

Stones of destiny

By Gr. Kim 

There are four stones each with a curse and a great power.

But only someone with a pure heart can touch them people without a pure heart get a cursed.

The red stone will fill your heart with hate and turn you into a beast 

The blue stone will freeze your heart so you'll never feel love again 

The black stone will fill your heart with darkness and will drive you crazy 

The green stone will destroy everything you love and touch

But if your pure hearted

The red stone will give you power to control all animals and destroy hate

The blue stone will give you the power over water ice and weather 

The black stone will give you the power to heal and to remove the darkness near you

And the most powerful stone of all the green one will give you the power to bring back live.

Stones of Destiny Essay Competition

My husband and I were tasked to find 2 of the 4 stones of destiny. We found the green one and killed the guardian ( the guardian is the first one ever to touch the stone if the guardian dies there is no guardian anymore ) and after two days we found the blue one we contain them both separate in special stone chests the only thing that can  contain them but the blue stones chest was broken ....

And the next day I was ice cold and sick, my husband saw the cracks in the chest and realized I was cursed...My heart froze, my husband put me on the horse and brought me to a friend of mine a witch... but even she couldn't reverse or stop the destiny stone his power. She could put the stone in my heart to make me a guardian so I couldn't die from the stone anymore. But she warned my husband I could not be the same person when I wake up. He didn't care he could let me die so she put the stone in my heart.

2 days later I woke up and I was different I felt different my hair wasn't brown anymore it was white and my eyes were ice blue and my skin was really white and cold so we're my lips. When I opened my eyes I saw someone smiling at me he was so happy he kissed me but I backed away from him... it supposedly should have been a happy moment but it wasn't... I didn't remember him....he was broken. And when I left, he had nothing left in his life everything he had he left for me and now he lost me. But he still wanted to be with me and watch out for me forever. But I had life for eternity and he was normal. So he took the green stone and touched it so he could be with me forever she tried to warn him but it was too late. He now had the green stones curse... He ran after me but noticed everything he touched died.... cause if you’re not pure hearted you'll get a curse when you touch the stone, and everything you touch or love will die. He stopped running and fell down on his knees, now he could never be with me....... he concealed himself alone in the woods and guarded the stone like a guardian would do, cause he didn't want anyone to have the same fate he has. 

But now 10 years later a man in a suit (someone knows no one can destroy) is after me...... he calls himself the god of destiny.

Later I found out his suit is made from the same material as the chests were stones can be contained what if the suit isn't to keep something out but to keep something in.............Like the guardian of the green stone.

That's why the man was after me he made a suit that contained his destruction so he can touch me again. So we could be together for all eternity. 

Me and my friends played this once in costume ( this was my most memorable thing I did in cosplay) and I liked it so much I am now going to write a book about it but this what you have is just a sneak peak cause we did a lot more but that was too much to type. I was the girl who tells the story the girl that became the blue guardian. I love cosplay because you can just be someone else in an entire different world. ( I heard about Xcoser from Zoom_cw_cosplay ;) your products are amazing only the reverse flash suit needs an upgrade ;) 

I don't know if I understood this challenge right I'm not English but I hope so.

Article by Gr. Kim


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