Passion is Everything【Essay Competition】

Passion is everything

By Giano Colon

I've never wanted to be the most popular or most well-known cosplayer.  All I've ever wanted to do was make an impact and stand out at least a little bit. 

Over the last two years, I've tried to do the best that I can.  As such, the greatest memory for me was when comic book artist got to see my Raptor cosplay, being the first person to ever actually cosplay the character and making him come to life and getting respect from the creator for him. 

I love being able to bring characters to life and to make my own variations.  Superheroes and comic book characters have been a passion of mine since I was a little kid.  I've always wanted to be larger than life, someone unique, something more than just a mere human being.  Each time I put a cosplay on, I feel I have that ability.  And it helps when I have no only good friends to join in the party, but also amazing products to help me bring what comes into my head to life. 

  Passion is EverythingEssay CompetitionPassion is EverythingEssay Competition

As for the future, I’m excited to keep diving into obscure characters that I really love, like Ragman, Hush and Talon, as well as more well knowns like Scarecrow, Vulture, and Arsenal, also formulating numerous versions of Red Hood and Deathstroke, who are two of my personal favorites to wear.  I’ll never be one to wear a cosplay that isn’t someone I adore or enjoy.  I have to have a passion for the character before I can actually assume their form and wear their trademark.  I feel that I’d be doing an injustice.  I feel too often people just wear whatever they want for the sake of being popular or trying to show off, and not having either any passion for the character, or zero knowledge of who they are actually wearing.  I feel passion should be defined more than money or popularity.  Example: when I won the full Kylo Ren cosplay, I was excited to wear him, but also realized that I didn’t know the character because I hadn’t watched the new Star Wars movie.  So, I finally watched it and studied the character the entire time, and ended up loving how he is, and all his mannerisms.  So, when the cosplay arrived, I was super excited, and it stands as one of my best and favorites.  

   Passion is EverythingEssay CompetitionPassion is EverythingEssay Competition

As for the XCoser products, I’ve had the chance to own numerous different items from your company. The key thing that I’ve found with the majority of the masks is that they don’t always fit my big head, but that’s not on you.  As for how they are made and how they work, I really do enjoy what you guys make.  The Red Hood helmet is a personal favorite of mine, with the lines looking amazing and the eyes being spot on.  The Red Hood vest is also one of my favorite items to wear, it’s just unfortunate that I’ve gained weight and can’t wear it any longer.  The down side to some products would normally be the sizes for the actual clothes, but with the customizing tailor part, that shouldn’t be a problem except for when contests only have things at certain sizes.  But, overall I think the products are really amazing, fairly priced, and look stunning.  I’ve seen them pop up at different conventions and I always smile a bit inside because I know where they came from, and that I’m glad to share a like mind when it comes to great products. 

Passion is EverythingEssay Competition

As for how I heard about XCoser, was actually through a giveaway from a Facebook page dedicated to Red Hood.  I had entered their competition and won the Red Hood helmet, and decided to look into the company that made them, which is you guys.  I’ve won a few different giveaways, and cherish every item I have received.  Although I make some alterations to the products, I still use them and enjoy everything about them.  I’ve also shown my friends and others the stuff you guys have made, and they’ve made numerous purchases, as well as entered a lot of contests.  My favorite moment was when I received three boxes of merch about a year ago, and had no idea what to do with everything inside.  I still have a few of the wigs and the V masks, and still completely unsure of what to do with them.  But in the end, what you guys do is amazing, and has brought so many people happiness and helped make so many others dreams come true.  And I hope to continue to do business with you guys, and to continue to be amazed by everything that you guys create.  Because as I’ve said numerous times earlier in this paper: passion is everything.  Art of Fame.

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