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Designer diary Resident Evil 2 Key

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March 5

January 25, 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake, it is an awesome game, cool action design and an attractive plot.

On BBS, I see a lot of players talking about the keys. 

That inspired me, so I decided to make some of my own.A Resident Evil 2 Key

First, let me draw a rough sketch. It has a specific image.

 Resident Evil 2 Key draft

I admit I'm a little lazy, but I want to have a rest today.


March 6

I am back .I will work hard and make sure to finish this work today.

First, I finished the 3D drawing, which looks a little ugly.

 Resident Evil 2 Key3D drawing

Render, it looks good.

 Resident Evil 2 Key render drawing

Send it to our product department and wait for the finished product.

Today's task is done. Reward myself, I can have a good dinner tonight, I am waiting for this Resident Evil 2 Key.


March 9

Three days later, our product department finally finished the product, Resident Evil 2 Key!

Let me look at it, made of zinc alloy material, 6.8cm length, a great accessory for our fans.

 Resident Evil 2 Key


If you feel a little mess. I did it on purpose. I want hound obsessive-compulsive disorder to death. ha-ha.  

 Resident Evil 2 Key post


 Resident Evil 2 Key

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