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Being a hero to outrun anything by Daniel Fopma【Essay Competition】

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Being a hero to outrun anything

Article by Daniel Fopma

I am way out cosplayer I over do it sometimes, but my favorite thing about cosplaying is the people that do it with me at cons I have dreamed about either being on the starship called enterprise or being the bright knight Batman Adam West. It's a the same my explanation for doing cosplay would be the fact that when I met William Shatner and Adam West and Burt Ward I felt that people needed heroes at cons. As Adam West said in 1966 "we put on our tights to put on the world."  That inspired me to become my fictional heroes and villains for the Jay Garrick flash was my favorite hero and my favorite villain " I have no rival" The rival from the flash tv show and Jay Garrick enemy. They are my inspiration for becoming a hero a super hero my whole life has been based around the good and evil time space but the fact is that the world is in dire needs of heroes. 

The reason I cosplay is not for fame or the fun, it is to be symbol a representation of any character. Whether it is Batman Robin, Star fleet officer,  Superman or Superzero, its what on the inside that counts as a hero.  My cosplaying is about heroes or villains that creator go in the mind of that character feel what they feel do what they would do. Cosplay is not cheap, my journey was hard for my first cosplay I created that I liked. I made a character called Black flame lightning basically a black flash suit with a flame around the lightning bolt. But I called him rival at that time, to be honest, I went to wizard world des monies Iowa I displayed as a red shirt star fleet officer people kept saying red shirt down. Whether it be creating your own or something else, when those doors open at comic con its game face whether saying Shazam or live long and prosper. As I said 66 batman inspired me to be the best cosplayer I can be that is the true meaning find what you love and hang on to it. It can save a life so hold on to dream and fly with it. 

My favorite character to cosplay is the original Flash Jay Garrick. I am a Speed force character know as The flash sometime captain American golden age. The way I found Xcoser is to cosplay better be a hero a greater hero I felt more powerful than anything I could finally say I was the fastest man alive yeah I said it. But indeed I love Xcoser more than anything at all its wonderfully brilliant handmade cosplay outfits the whole works. But you have to put your heart into it that the real feel you are your own hero no one at that con can change that. It's like running if you keep going you'll never be stopped this is why the start and end is up to us making it better each time I put on my tights I feel empowered, to do whats right or wrong in case a villain. I even have been Kevin Smith I mean it's endless possibility. With great power comes great responsibility. I've even gone as Rick from Rick and Morty. I can even do Rick's voice talking to Morty but whatever adventure I go on is being a hero to outrun anything sometimes for competing in cosplay or just having fun. That's what cosplaying is. 

Article by Daniel Fopma


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