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A Dream That I lived by Gaurav Thakur 【Essay Competition】

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A Dream That I lived

By Gaurav Thakur

It’s all start with when I first saw the Spiderman Movie on cinema. From childhood, I am very fascinated about Spiderman and use to read comic. At that time, I do not have funds so I rent comics and read them.

When I went to college for doing my BSc. In Animation and Multimedia. I use to Photoshop my pictures inside the Spidey costume.


I know it seems stupid, but I love doing that. However, later it was in my nerves that who to get one suite, because I really wanted to wear one and wanted to feel that. In India, resources are very limited and I use to follow the cosplay culture through the internet. I started looking for different ways, how I can make one costume. Because I know, I cannot buy any suite.

First time ever Comic Con happened in India (2011), when I saw people are dressing up as their favorite characters. That time I decided, will present something awesome to INDIA or to International market.

It took me 1.5 years to complete my costume, and represented in 2013 Comic Con India with my The Amazing Spider man suite. I hand stitched and made all the patterns manually.

I got the title; I was the First Indian Spiderman, who represented international level design. In addition, while roaming around the convention, I found one kid (actually he finds me), he holds my hand and hugged me tightly and decided not to go with his family. That made me emotional and gave me the motivation to do this for kids and all my fans. Then it has started boiling, I made The Amazing Spiderman 2 costume same year;

I started getting media, and people start looking for me in India. Event invites and did many Workshops too. Want to inspire people, because dreams do come true. It took me 6 years but today I am the Spiderman.

Then; time for doing something different from the plate. Because back to back I was doing Spiderman cosplay and this time, want to freak everyone.

My first ever concept: Iron-Wolverine

I won the competition and got the ticket for San Diego Comic Con.


You know what, Dead pool loves Spidey. I never ever thought of doing Dead pool in my life. Because my personality is much flipped. However, everyone says that, its bestest creation till now and I portray it amazingly.

Last but not the least, the special reason why I do cosplay is;

  • I do not want any kid to feel like their superheroes are fake.
  • I don’t want to break their belief
  • For a special cause, cancer patient get power to live again


Black Panther


Article by Gaurav Thakur


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