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Xcoser Bayonetta Costume Review by Megan Coffey

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Hey everyone! Here is my review for this Bayonetta cosplay from XCOSER. This costume comes with the bodysuit and the gloves. The guns were made by me.

What drew me to this costume in particular was the fabric that was on the sleeves. Its very light, long, and flowy, and is a good interpretation of the original design which features her hair. 

The bodysuit is a little warm but its more breathable than other pvc or plasticy bodysuits since it is pleather. It is backless and has a front zipper and a button at the neck. The costume is not footed so I used pvc-like socks to make it cohesive. The costume is lined which makes wearing a full pleather suit more pleasant lol. It is well made and feels very durable. It is warm though, so I recommend wearing it in cooler climates or seasons or in air conditioning, not in the summer in Florida like I did LOL.

The costume is missing some details though, like the rose design on her torso, the gloves should have red palms, and the medallion on her chest is a little plain, but overall, none of those missing details bothered me. 

Pros: Beautiful, photographs well, not too hard to move in, well-made and lined.

Cons: Lacks some detail, fit is poor in some areas (baggy legs / butt), gloves could be longer, the orange company tag is on the outside of the costume on the hip. 

Overall, I recommend this costume if you would like to cosplay Bayonetta! It is an affordable option and it looks very nice in person and in photos. I am personally very pleased with it and I look forward to wearing it more! 


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