Why Cosplay Is So Important In My Life【Essay Competition】

Why Cosplay Is So Important In My Life

By Adam Joyce



Journey into Mystery with me as I tell you Tales to Astonish! Why cosplay is so important in my life can be explained in two areas. The first one being the challenge involved in getting the costume as close as possible to the screen used version, using the materials I can afford to use and my skill level; and the second one being I love portraying characters that resonate with me personally. Indiana Jones, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, Sam Winchester, and now Thor.  

 Why Cosplay Is So Important In My LifeEssay Competition

I enjoy the challenge of getting as close as possible to recreating the real costume. A costume designer in Hollywood has millions of dollars at their disposal, has a year of preproduction, and a staff to go along with any labor involved after the design process. A costume designer will be brought onto a film project to meet the Directors vision; to create a visual tone that is both subtle in some ways and extravagant in others; and to flesh out characters from a novel or comic book for a real world setting. But a cosplayer does not have all of this at their disposal. A cosplayer has one model, one sewing machine, maybe some purchased parts to attach to a costume built by someone with more experience. A cosplayer like me has to replicate what is seen using behind the scenes photos, estimates of the actors dimensions, and the adjustment to their own body. A costume designer can send someone to Hong Kong or Jakarta or Sao Paolo for exotic fabrics, but a cosplayer has to rely on chain stores for fabric, or curtains, or bedsheets, anything that can be repurposed. Our budgets can range from 45 dollars to just under 2000 dollars.

Why Cosplay Is So Important In My LifeEssay Competition    

That being said; We Do Not Allow This To Inhibit Our Dreams! If we have to buy a leather jacket at a thrift store for 5 dollars just to get enough leather to make a holster or boot covers, or some other leather part we will do it.  If we have to cut up a plastic trash can for armor, we will do it. Our ingenuity can be amazing at times. It’s great fun talking to another cosplayer at a convention and asking them “how did you do it?”. I enjoy talking to other cosplayers about what they have done and the passion you get to experience through them as they discuss the hard work involved getting to where they are. There is something in a cosplayer that drives them to become a character they admire, and I believe it to be for reasons that go past admiration. I believe a cosplayer chooses to become a character because they can adapt that character’s traits into their own lives.

 Why Cosplay Is So Important In My LifeEssay Competition

I can be as resourceful as Sam Winchester. I can be as brave as Indiana Jones. I can be as powerful as Darth Vader, and; I can be as Worthy as Thor.  The truth is, these traits were in me all along, but it took cosplay to bring it out. I’ve seen other people come alive in costume, their posture getting better, smiling more, confidence improving. Speaking from my own experience I feel good when I am preparing for a con, when I am doing the research involved making a costume, and I feel great when I get it all just right and wear it to a convention. I come alive when I interact with the public as that character. That high can hold me for weeks as I prepare for the next convention. But having been away from it for a few years now due to financial and family difficulties, I feel like a part of me is missing.

 Why Cosplay Is So Important In My LifeEssay Competition

I’m ready to get back out there and show the world what I’ve got, I’m ready to hang out with some amazing people again, to meet more celebrities that have impacted my life. Cosplay is such an interesting art form, such an amazing form of self expression, and can teach you so much about becoming detail oriented, about learning new skills, about becoming better at interpersonal interaction and overcoming anxieties; body issues; all things you can incorporate into your daily life. And how incredible is it that while learning and exercising these skills, you get to have fun?

Why Cosplay Is So Important In My LifeEssay Competition 

I first learned of Xcoser through ebay, looking at your Ant-Man setup. I had a great idea for a Giant Man costume from Captain America Civil War…because I’m six foot five inches tall, I wanted to make a Giant Man costume and carry some of the action figures with me, because the scale would look incredible. I also want to get a better Thor costume, or two, since the new movie is coming out this November. What I really like most of all about Xcoser is that your company continues to improve its products. You don’t just create something and sell it and say, good enough. You revise your products for better accuracy and comfort while keeping costs low, and that’s just good customer service on top of good business practices. I’ve seen discussion forums talking about your company, and that is a good thing. 

So in conclusion, that is why cosplay is so important in my life. Thank you. 

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