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What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction1.The town of Delhi

The town of Delhi is a small town in Maine, USA. There is always a magic in this town. It is more strange than all other towns.

In the relatively sparsely populated state of Maine, Delhi is just a small town that has developed well. This city is too often a bad thing, and every quarter of a century or so, a particularly horrific event has emerged. And the situation is getting worse – probably because Delhi’s population is growing and it may be other factors

The town of Delhi has a catastrophe that causes serious population losses every 27 years. The duration is not certain, but the general situation is four to twenty months. It’s never been calm here, and the violent crime rate is often outrageous: rape, incest, private homes, car theft, child abuse, domestic violence and attacks, etc. However, the violent crime problem in Delhi has never been National news, even a large number of official records of the case are not mentioned, even more terrifying is that these horrible cases will soon be forgotten, as if they have never happened.


The sewer is the main activity area of It. There are a large number of bodies hidden in the complicated sewers in the underground town of Delhi. And all the vicious incidents happen in the place where the sewers are connected, such as the death of George.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

In fact, It was mainly because the original It was originally located in the center of Delhi, and after years of evolution, the ground was no longer convenient for It operations, so It turned to the sewer

What is ITIts Prehistorical IntroductionAnd the intersection that connects all the sewers is the 29 Nepot Street below.

3.29 Nepot Street below.

Before the end of the Second World War, many train staff lived on Neaport Street, including drivers, bus captains, signalmen, yard workers and porters. The yard was not behind, and the inner port was also depressed. Now, along this street, the more you go, the less the house, the more worn and the more dirty It is. The last three or four houses on both sides of the street were empty, sealed with wooden strips, and the yard was covered with weeds. The rolling of the diesel train's hair sounded, fell, and got up again. The street could not see anyone at all.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

4.What is It?

I believe that many people who have watched movies may not think that the clowns seen by these children actually do not exist without reading the original or watching the 90-year movie version.  I But It is indeed an entity. It can become a thing that children fear, and then feed on people’s fears and grow itself.

This question has a clear answer in the novel.

In the fifteenth chapter of the "Smoke Cave", the losers was traced back to the source of "It" through the hole.It was a million, ten thousand years ago, when human beings were not born, "It burns like a fireball, almost no way to look directly, and keeps putting electricity on". "It falls to the ground and triggers a forest fire." "It falls from the sky, but It is not a spaceship, nor a meteorite"  "You feel It, see It coming, you know that It is not good, know that It is evil." ".

If you have to explain this, the clown Penny is a  alien that landed on Earth . Its landing center is now the town of Delhi. It was originally a race, but after ten thousand years, there was only one.

The clown Pennywise is not Its entity, but Its most commonly used image to hide its true entity - the dead light. In the new version of the film, the light spot in the clown's mouth should be what It was; in the old movie, It is a huge illuminator. In the novel, the last few people return to Its nest again, seeing that It is neither a light spot nor a clown, but a giant spider.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

It is about five meters high, the body is as black as the moonless night, the foot is as thick as the bodybuilder's thigh, the eyes are like a glowing ruby.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

5.Reunion after 27 years

The six people who left in the past, in fact, their lives are also abnormal and they all have the mark of "It" on their bodies. They all forgot what happened at the time, and the memories of that summer were still very fragmented. Moreover, one thing is very interesting, that is, they are very rich, have a reputation and social status, but they have no children - everyone has no problem, but they have no way to give birth to future generations.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

6.The turtle 

The turtle  is actually the embodiment of the guardian of the universe in the multiverse. He is the opponent of Pennywise, and the body of it is locked in the black tower, so you will often find the turtle  in the movie. He gives the protagonists strength and tells them how to defeat it.What is ITIts Prehistorical Introduction

It is not meant to scare in nature, but to tell a story of growth that spans 27 years, to tell "how to defeat fear", so It is originally a youthful work, not simply a horror film. Moreover, the content of this film is complex, involving not only youth and terror, but also the moral decline and financial crisis in the United States, and to some extent reflect the era from the perspective of the child.

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