ODST Helmet Repaint Contest - Win up to 2 Free Helmet & 200$ Cash

New notification!!!

Since our inventory of helmets used for competitions has been sold out, we have made the second batch of products will arrive next week. In response to this situation, in order to ensure the delivery of products and sufficient creative time, we especially extended the time to participate in this contest. Please note It's the new time! 2020.7.20-2020.8.27


  • 1st: Choose ODST Helmet/ Din Djarin Helmet/The Armorer Helmet two of the three helmets+ semi-annual order processing priority service + 200$ Cash

  • 2nd-3rd: Semi-annual order processing priority service + 100$ Gift Card

  • 4th-5th: 50$ Gift Card

SCHEDULE: Duration of the event: 2020.7.20-2020.8.27

  • Image submission:

Begin at: 2020.7.20th,11 AM EST

End at: 2020.8.9th, 11 PM EST TO 2020.8.16th, 11 PM EST

  • Picture voting:

Begin at: 2020.8.10th, 11 AM EST TO 2020.8.17th, 11 PM EST

End at: 2020.8.20th, 11 PM EST TO 2020.8.27th, 11 PM EST

  • Announcement of winners:

2020.8.21th - 9 PM EST TO 2020.8.28th, 9:30 PM EST

HOW: To participate in the event you need:

  1. An Xcoser ODST helmet, if you don't have, it doesn't matter, click here to get one

  2. Paintbrushes / Paints / Spray paints / Stickers, etc. whatever you need.

  3. Yourselves 

Way of Participation:

Single or team (no more than 2) use XCOSER halo 3 ODST helmet, draw the most personalized exclusive helmet according to your imagination! Select the BEST and more Creativity picture 

Rules and Guidelines:

All XCOSER fans around the world are eligible to participate in this cosplay contest. Only ODST Helmet Cosplay photo is acceptable. You could cosplay Halo 3 ODST of any version by yourself or with your partner. Everyone has one chance to submit your original cosplay photo. The most popular cosplay will be determined by votes received.

Everyone could vote one time per day. You could share the voting link with your friends and make as many votes as you can.

Please provide your name and the right email address so that we could contact you if you win the prize.

The gift card is only eligible on our website Xcoser and could only be used for one time.

Contact us: email: info@xcoser.com, Facebook: @XCOSER INS: @xcosercostume

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