If you were Green Arrow, what will you do?

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Before we jump in and discuss Green Arrow Live show, let’s take a minute to admire the character Oliver Queen

Green Arrow is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. His real name is Oliver Queen, a billionaire businessman and owner of Queen Industries, as well as a well-known celebrity in his locale of Star City. Dressed like Robin Hood, Green Arrow is an archer who invents trick arrows with various special functions, such as glue arrows, diversions (smoke), net, explosive, time bomb, grappling, fire extinguishing, flash and tear gas arrows, as well as cryonic arrows, and even a kryptonite arrow.

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xcoser green arrow costume

What I did really like about the ending was the possibility of Oliver being impeached. I think it opens up a pretty cool angle for the show. One of the things I’ve always sort of found a little abnormal about Arrow is that a masked vigilante could double as the mayor of the city. Now, to be fair, comics (and this storyline is pulled right from the comics) and their characters are all fictional, and we buy into that through the suspension of disbelief, but I always thought him being the mayor was sort of a tough sell—for me, at least.

If you were Green Arrow, what choices will you make?

Let’s get it dressed, I can hardly wait to watch and join the Green Arrow Cosplay !!!

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