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Dsigner daily Cute Thanos Mask

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Thanos is the ultimate boss of the Avengers movie.

In Avengers: Endgame, Thanos gets ambushed by the surviving Avengers on his farm. They learn he destroyed the stones to avoid temptation, and he is killed by Thor. Five years later (2023), the Avengers time travel to various points and retrieve the stones from the past in the hope that their fallen allies can be brought back. The 2014 version of Thanos becomes aware of their plan and tasks Nebula with bringing him and his army to the future. Thanos arrives just as Bruce Banner uses the gathered stones to restore those who were killed by his finger snap. Thanos attacks the Avengers and plans to use the stones to destroy and recreate the universe. After a battle between his army and the Avengers and their allies, Stark gains control of the stones, which he uses to disintegrate Thanos and his forces.

This is a cold character in the movie, I want to make a different version.

A Cute Thanos Mask.

Frist, Make a clay mold.

Thanos Mask clay mold


Make samples according to the mold.A Cute Thanos Mask..

 Thanos Mask

Thanors with big eyes look so stupid.

Try wear it.

 Thanos Mask

Wear Infinite gloves, is it very cute?

Hope fans like my work.

In fact, I also made a normal version of the Thanos mask.

Thanos mask

 Maybe you will like this more.

Thanos Mask

 Cute Thanos Mask.


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