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Do you know how simple it is to make Deathstroke Costume?

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And shivers run down by spine as I sit and write this Deathstroke costume guide. It’s just too much for a man of little courage like to look at the monstrous costume of the single-eyed assassin. The costume is nothing as compared to the monstrosity of the man behind it. Slade Wilson not be confused with Wade Wilson was once a patriot and skilled soldier. He became the Phoenix he is today when he was asked to volunteer for a medical experiment by the military. The operation enhanced his capabilities and strengths but also made him enraged and highly aggressive.

Ever heard about Deathstroke? He is regarded as the greatest mercenary and assassin of all time. He is also a cruel, cunning and invincible soldier and his costume is one of the most terrifying of all villainsIf you are a comic reader, you might have seen him in comic books. He has been cast against the superheroes such as Arrow and Batman and is coming on the big screen in the movie Justice League in 2017. He would also be appearing in another film dubbed as The Batman.

Here we cover all the apparels that are needed for Deathstroke costume this Halloween. 



Different writers have portrayed Deathstroke differently. It really depends on the time a need of the situation. Sometimes he can be a lovable anti-hero and sometimes fierce mercenary unafraid to kill. But the fans always like his presence even if it is as a villain. And if the rumors are true this is what we are going to see in the next Batman movie. So this means it will be a great costume for this Halloween. Here is how you can make the deadly outfit easily at home.


Items Required

Slade Mask 

When making a costume make sure you find all the right ingredients that make up to a delicious mouth watering costume. And this Slade Wilson mask the core element of this outfit. This Deathstroke mask is very unique with just one eye-opening and two different colors on each half of the face. Made up of PVC and daunting as hell will soon become your prized possession of this vindictive outfit.


                                                                                                Deathstroke full outfit

As mentioned earlier Slade Wilson was once a military officer, and old habits seldom die. The habit of wearing a body armor is the one that got with him. Although this armor is different from his, it will be perfect for you. Made up light but stretchable material so that you have full comfort. Throughout the arms and shoulders here are adjustable straps and a front zip closure provide you perfect fit. Apart from all that this body armor will come useful while riding a bike.You could refer to the size chart to find the correct measurement for you.

Black Swat Belt

This swat belt will not only hold the tactical pants comfortably, but you can keep small items in the various pouches which come with it. It is wholly made of polyester and is lightweight. Deathstroke used a similar belt to this one to put arms and ammunition in the pouches, but we know you don’t have any. Wear it to have the look and feel of the villain.

Deathstroke Tactical Holster

Deathstroke always wears a holster with him in which he carries his gun to take on his enemies. Now you can get a holster which you can wear on your right leg to further boost your outlook. It has fully removable and adjustable belt hanger along with a closure that can be adjusted to fit your arms tightly.



Deathstroke Boots

I say it loud and clear you don’t need these boots only; you need them to boost your confidence and personality. Made up of leather and synthetic for durability the upper layer is prepared with soft, polished nylon and canvas. The rubber sole is provided to keep your feet pain free.

So these are all the items that you will need to make an impressive Deathstroke costume without having to go through much trouble. And we need your remarks and suggestions on how much do you liked this costume guide and what guide you will want to see next. 


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