Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all ages【Essay Competition】

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all ages

By Ross Ellis

My obsession(for cosplay)started in 2008 when The Dark Knight came out. The Joker was frightening but also exciting. I started going to Comic Cons and seeing all the Cosplayers made me so happy. l enjoyed getting photos with everyone l liked in costumes. l went to a few but never dressed up before.

I really liked the Star Wars and Batman cosplay and they became my favorite. I was looking for ideas on Ebay when l came across Xcoser. The Joker Vest was what I got first, then slowly added each new item until l had the whole costume. l have cosplayed many different characters since ranging from Batman to Darth Vader to Jokers etc. My eyes light up and l get excited in the months leading up to the Cons. They get more popular each year now with so many more unique and creative cosplay designs. I would love to enter the Cosplay competitions and now make my own costume s piece by piece. I love Xcosers New costumes and would love to own the lots of them as there are so many to choose from. 

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all agesEssay Competition

My New favorites are the Deadpool, Kylo Ren and the Deadshot (with helmet).
I also really like the Red Skull jacket, Ironfist and Daredevil suits. As I mentioned there are so many to choose from and it would be very hard to decide which to pick. l live in Australia and wish there were more events to dress up for. Xcoser is my favorite cosplay site because their costumes are great quality and worth the money. They are durable and last. l like the new Thor suit from Ragnarok and the Star Wars Krennic.

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all ages. l love taking my daughter with me to Cons and try to think of outfits that all have the same theme to match as a family. l also love getting involved and have volunteered many times at Cons. l would encourage anybody to try it as it really is a lot of fun. So many people put in so much effort making their costume s and it really shows. l have seen many videos on YouTube where they make all of it from EVA foam etc. Building each piece into one giant weapon or costume.

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all agesEssay Competition

l would love to get to a major event in America like the San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con. The amount of people at those events would be 10 times more than in Australia. The atmosphere would be unbelievable. Cosplay is growing popularity more and more. Comic book movies and TV shows are taking over everywhere. Marvel and DC Universe's are favorites for all ages. lt isn't just for kids anymore and Cosplay is a whole community activity. lt makes me happy being able to get involved and take my kids and nieces and nephews also.  

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all agesEssay Competition

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all agesEssay Competition

Cosplay really is for everyone and Xcoser is Top of the range. What l like about Xcoser is their costume designs are that they are frequently updated and stay true to the characters portrayed in film and games. New arrivals are exciting to see as they are consistent with the movies and games at the time. 

Cosplay is great and there are many groups and club to join with other fans and people who love to dress up as well. lt is really about finding friends who enjoy the same things and going to conventions to see all the new and exciting products. l also like collecting Masks and have acquired many over the years. l search regularly for costumes to buy or make for my children also and often dress up for birthday parties of friends and family. l wish l had a huge storage room to fill with all my cosplay costumes and get mannequins to display them. l look forward to owning more exciting costumes from Xcoser in the future. 

Recently in Australia at the convention s l have noticed just how popular Cosplay has become and getting more and more each year. In fact, now Cosplayers are included in the guest lists and are just as popular as the guests from TV and film. Everyone enjoys taking photos from professionals to people using their mobile phone cameras. Stories are written for the newspapers as well. Our two main conventions in Australia are Supanova and Oz Comic Con. I’m not sure if Xcoser has any representatives that go or advertisements but may be something worth looking at. l look forward to seeing Xcoser at the conventions in the future.

Cosplay is great fun for everyone and all agesEssay Competition

l try to get as many people as l can in to Cosplay being friends or family and sharing on social media. l am more in to comics and film than gaming but l am a fan and really enjoy full costumes such as the Halo soldiers in full suits. lf l could have any costume in the world l think l would like a full Metal armor Ironman suit. l have seen the guy who made a real life Batman suit including weapons and batarang that shoot out on Youtube. 

There are many instructional videos of Cosplay making which l enjoy watching also. There are so many talented people who love to Cosplay and l am proud to say l am one of them. l love Cosplay and think it is really fun with the whole family. Get involved and show us your costumes. So don't be embarrassed to cosplay and start becoming your favorite Superhero today. The main thing to do is have FUN and enjoy yourselves at the same time. 

Article by Ross Ellis

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param sidhu

It for all ages and a reall fun.

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