Dear customers:
We have updated the Mandalorian costume, and this update consist of repainting the right thigh armor to a color closer to the one in the series, and the price remains the same.It will go on sale in a new version in February 2023 and is expected to arrive in mid-March.

Customers who have purchased the costume before then can purchase a separate piece of thigh armor at a friendly price.
The pictures were taken by a non-professional (Cecilia did) because the photographer is on vacation. There will be better pictures to add later:)

It has been three years since the Mandalorian costume was launched. Thank you all for your love of our costumes and we will continue to work hard to bring you better services.
In the meantime, we are about to celebrate the Chinese New Year & some of our staff will be on vacation until Feb 1. All Xcoser staff would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!