Q: Is this a reliable website? 

A: Xcoser is a professional and International cosplay products company with more than 14 years of experience in designing, producing, and selling cosplay costumes, masks, helmets, wigs, and accessories, which are inspired by movies, anime, manga, game, and TV, to valued customers around the world.

Q: What shipping method do you offer and how long does it take? 

A: At this time, We deliver orders worldwide, and most orders (except the custom handmade costumes and pre-sale products) will be shipped in three business days,but it normally takes 10-15 days for most costumes to finish the production.

We offer delivery options of Free Shipping (Shipping Times of 11-22 Business Days), Standard Shipping (Shipping Times of 7-10 Business Days at your own expense), and Express Shipping (Shipping Times of 2-6 Business Days at your own expense).

If you want to upgrade your shipment to use FedEx at your own expense which usually takes 2-5 business days* or 5-7 business days* to the US, Canada, and most European countries,please add this service by clicking here.

There can also be potential delays due to flight cancellation and customs clearance which are out of our control,but we will responsible for items lost or damaged in the post. If this happens, please be sure to contact us by email(info@xcoser.com) within a week to explain the situation, and our staff will reply and solve the problem ASAP;If contacted after the deadline, it will be difficult to get a full refund of the after-sales service.


Q: When Can I Get My Costume? 

A: Due to the high demand and the huge variation of the cosplay costume size, most costumes of our website are customized because it's unable for us to take large-scale mass production. Four steps are employed from the order processing to its finish: orders arrangement, tailoring, checkout and shipment.

Orders Arrangement:

There are 72 hours for us to collect and arrange the orders to our manufacturers after the customers placed an order, so if customers have some special or specific requirements for their orders after the order has placed(such as change the size, cancel order), we will handle those timely during the 72 hours. After the order arrangement, we will transfer the exact order information to our supplier and then they will begin to manufacture.


Once the manufacturer got the orders information from us, the designer will choose the corresponding fabric according to every order's style and customer's demands. Then they will prepare to begin the tailoring, the clipping workers will tailor the cloth according to the style and fabric provided by the designer. After that the final step is the elaborative sewing. All of these procedures are purely handmade which demands much patience and attention, so it needs 7 to 10 days for the tailoring. However, it is worthwhile as we hope our customers received a fancy costume from us.


We have special inspectors to check out the finished costumes; their job is to check two main aspects of the costumes. Firstly, check if there is some breakage or if the sewing is qualified. Secondly, they will inspect if the size, color and costume style are correspond to customers' order, also they will check if all the accessories are complete. The whole procedure is very careful, and after the product inspection, the inspectors will register and handle every costume well.


Once our shipping operator got the costumes, they will go to the internet to check the customers' shipping address and then fill in the shipping list carefully. After all of the shipping processes accomplished, we will call the International Air Service Cooperation to take the goods for delivery. It's may be relatively time-consuming as the long distance and many customs inspections, but as our shipping method is air transportation so it's save the shipping time to a large extent. Usually, the whole shipping time is 7 to 15 days if there is no problem on it, but the specific shipping time may vary from country to country.

Orders Arrangement (3 days) + Tailoring (7-10 days) + Checkout (0.5day) + Shipment (7-15days) = Get Your Costumes (18 -28 days), the date may be delay on Holiday, such as Halloween and Christmas.

So what you need to do is just select the style you love in our site and place an order, then you can just wait for the fancy surprise costume we made for you.

Customized services

Want to design your own custom cosplay costume or mask,but don't know where to start? Xcoser (m.xcoser.com) is your answer.Xcoser offers customized services according to customer requirements.Customize a costume for your self or create one as a gift for your family or friends, you can send us the character names and pictures to confirm by mail or our social media accounts.

Have a good time! 

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