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X Cosplay Nataku Outfit Costume Cosplay


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Order Process Time: 1-2 days / Tailor Time: 10-15 days

X Cosplay Nataku Outfit Costume Cosplay

Anime: X ( X/1999)

Character: Nataku

Size: Custom-made

Including: An outfit (Robe+ Pants+ Belt) (Excluded the wig wore by the model)

Material: Uniform Cloth, PU


The most cool and individual cosplay costume! Design based on the original clothing wore by Nataku in X.

The Nataku outfit is custom-made and its delivery time is about 25 days.

To insure product a perfect Nataku outfit for you, kindly please provide your accurate measures to us by E-mail, including height, chest, waist, hips, inseam and sleeve. Also you can refer to the size chart as follow.

X, also known as X/1999, is a Japanese shojo manga series created by Clamp. It premiered in Monthly Asuka's May 1992 issue and ran there until the magazine's editors showed concern with the increasingly violent stories and the series went on long-term hiatus in March 2003.

Nataku, an androgynous clone of extreme psychic ability, was born of genetic material of Kazuki Tojo, the deceased granddaughter of the president of Tojo Pharmaceuticals, and her father Masaki. Nataku is sent to retrieve the Sacred Sword by Chairman Tojo. In the process of stealing the Sacred Sword, Nataku mortally wounds Kyogo Monou, F??ma and Kotori's father, who was attempting to protect the Sacred Sword. In the anime, after F??ma is badly wounded by the spell Sorata casts as he dies, he absorbs Nataku's flesh into his own and is healed.

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