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Pokemon Ash Ketchum Advanced Generation series Cosplay Costume


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Ash's second outfit was the first alternate main outfit to be seen on any character, and by default, the least expected. Brock and Misty's second outfits would not debut until several episodes after Ash's did.

Along with a new hat, Ash wore a hoodie instead of a jacket, black gloves instead of green, a new backpack which is still green, and new jeans and sneakers. However, he keeps the hoodie closed, possibly because he no longer keeps Badges pinned to the inside.

All of his new clothes, however, bear a notable resemblance to his old clothes, probably to maintain his style and avoid confusion which would be caused by a completely new appearance. This becomes a common theme among all new outfits: the new ones take on the style on the former outfits.

The symbol on his hat, backpack, and hoodie pocket reflect the Poké Ball symbols seen frequently in the Generation III games, particularly in the designs of the main characters' clothes. Ash's Advanced Generation series outfit is similar to the one Red wears in Generation III, most notably, his sleeves.

This outfit is the only one of Ash's outfits to appear in more than one series, being worn by Ash in the final scene of the original series and in the first three episodes of the Diamond & Pearl series, as well as throughout the Advanced Generation series.

Ash wore this outfit from Gotta Catch Ya Later! to When Pokémon Worlds Collide!, making this the only outfit he has wore during more that one series, with a total of three.

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