Halloween Cosplay XCOSER Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cosplay Winter Soldier Mask Replica

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Thank you

It's a nice costume, and I do like what I received. The only critique I have on it is that something feels like a slightly cheaper quality, which is disappointing because the pricing isn't in the low range. There's usually a different between $50-80 and $100+ costumes. I feel like the quality of the costuming and detail doesn't quite justify the pricing, bit it is still nice and complete. And I wish the costume picture came with the costume, because I don't quoie know where each piece goes or how it should look without whipping out a picture of the character online or looking at the xcoser website. The costume also doesn't get all the details correct in design, but it isn't too noticeable unless you're comparing side to side pics.

Five Stars

I am a 6'2" male with a large head. I'm very happy with the size, fit, design and coloring of the mask. The pictures make the color look brighter than it actually is, which is not bad in my opinion. I put it on and it unlocked my inner fanboy. I am a happy customer

Five Stars

As a Star Wars helmet collector this is a must have item. Now apart from that...its awesome.

This mask was the perfect thing

This is a very nice helmet. I'm glad I took the risk. The paint isn't perfect but the overall quality is very good and the manufacturer did take time to finish the inside (unlike the one of the other helmets which said it had sharp edges on the inside).

Halloween costume

These are fantastic for my costume. They fit well and appear to be well made. the claws are rubberized and connect to the tips of the fingers, similar to what is seen in the movie. Paired with a necklace and black outfit, makes the perfect costume!