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Danganronpa Kiyotaka Ishimaru Cosplay Costume

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Processing time: 2-5 Working Days; Shipping time: 3-7 Working Days

Danganronpa Kiyotaka Ishimaru Cosplay Costume

Game: Danganronpa

Character: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Including: Top+Pants+Armband

Material: Uniform Cloth+Cotton

Handing time: 3-12 working days


Danganronpa Kiyotaka Ishimaru Cosplay Costume

Colour may be vary different between CRT and LCD screens. PLEASE DONT BUY if you are too sensitive to the slightest colour difference.

For the costume, please email us your measurements(height,weight,chest,waist,hips,shoulder-width as well as your gender).

It is important to offer us the correct measurements. Size problems,custom-made items, no return accepted.

An enthusiastically straight laced student who is a stickler for rules and order. He bonds with Mondo, revering him as his brother, and becomes depressed following his execution. After Alter Ego cheers him up, he takes on Mondos rude personality, represented by a change in his hair color. However, he is subsequently killed by Hifumi under orders from Celes with a hammer to the head, making him the third murder victim. His title is Super High School Level Moral Compass

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