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Borderlands Psycho Mask Borderlands Cosplay Halloween Costume Props

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Borderlands Psycho Mask Borderlands Cosplay Halloween Costume Props

Game: Borderlands

Character: Psycho

Size: One Size

Including: A mask

Material: PVC


Psycho mask is inspired by the character Krieg from the game Borderlands. Borderlands is very hot and we Xcoser do our best to create a vivid and amazing Psycho mask for you, for all the fans of it. Moreover, we show our ideas about the Psycho mask, such as the mini fan on the mouth, which really can work (A buttery cell has been installed for the mini fan).

The Psycho mask has two versions, one is painting (white) and another is DIY version. Painting version is ready-made, you can enjoy it as soon as you receive; while if you want to have your own and exclusive Psycho mask, the DIY version must be your right selection.

The Psycho mask fits for Halloween, props, party or as a present to your friends. Enjoy your happy time with our mask!

Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game.It includes character-building elements found in role-playing games, leading Gearbox to call the game a "role-playing shooter".

Krieg is the second character that is purchased as downloadable content. He is a bandit-turned-Vault Hunter who was mutated into a Psycho by the Hyperion corporation before escaping. Marketed as a playable version of the common Psycho enemy, his action skill allows him to use an iconic Buzz Axe to go on a rampage, dealing highly increased melee damage and refilling his health entirely after each kill. He can develop his skills to deal tremendous melee damage, gain buffs from slaughtering foes, or empower his attacks - and himself - with various flame-based perks. Krieg is a risk-vs-reward character.

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