Xcoser Made In Abyss The Lord of Dawn Bondrewd Helmet

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Xcoser Made in Abyss Bondrewd Helmet

Anime: Made in Abyss

Character: Bondrewd

Color: Dark Grey

Size: One Size, Fitting Adult Head Normally - head circumference about 24.4in.

Material: Fiberglass + LED + Acrylic

Bondrewd "The Novel", also known as "The Lord of Dawn", "The Sovereign of Dawn", is a legendary White Whistle Delver who has made many great discoveries about the secrets of the Abyss. A researcher fascinated by the Abyss, he has often resorted to illegal and morally questionable means in order to get funds and to conduct his research, including selling Artifacts and information from the depths illicitly, developing dangerous drugs, and even experimenting on living humans.

Made of high-quality Fiberglass and Acrylic, it is a good balance of beauty, durability and weight.

Irregular crackle effect, brass coloring and partial rust coloring on the surface of the Mask, highly enhance your immersion as Bondrewd "The Novel", also known as "The Lord of Dawn"

Visor using mesh eye design to increase visibility; A touch switch to control the LED light, can be luminous, the face does some matte treatment, has a sense of texture and mechanical

The composite of fine craftsmanship and design, 1:1 recreation of Bondrewd's Mask details from Made in Abyss.

Perfect for Comic-con, Theme parties, Made in Abyss cosplay and also great as a collectible. 

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