Xcoser 1:1 Scale Replica Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

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Feedback from our customers:halo odst helmethalo helmet resinodst helmet resin

Repainted by our customer:halo 3 odst resin helmet replica

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Adam Penny

Game: Halo 3
Character: ODST
Color: As shown
Size: One Size, Fitting Adult Head Normally - head circumference about 62cm.
Include 1*Helmet and a blackhead cover.
Material: ABS+Resin

1:1 Scale Replica Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

  • You can breathe freely even wearing this halo 3 helmet.
  • The helmet is made of resin, very firm, and durable to use.
  • It's a 1:1 scale replicated and carefully painted, highly similar to the helmet in the game.
  • You can look through the helmet screen so clearly 
  • The helmet is a great choice for halo fans on comic-con, cosplay contests, daily wear, and paintball (You can change the visor for paintball).
  • You can repaint this helmet by yourself as you like.
  • However, please note:  that the helmet is only used for cosplay, it does not have professional protection functions, if you want a special riding helmet, in order to better protect yourself, please go to a qualified store to buy.

NEW REVIEW from Facebook: @Adam Penny :

Video Feedback from our Fans:


    "Soldiers, We are ODST, the best soldiers in the army.

    If we fail, these aliens will attack earth.

    They will take our land, kill our children, and enslave our people.

    We must win, your family is waiting for you.

    You all heard it! 

    Check your equipment.

    It is time for adventure!"

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    George G. (Australia)

    Xcoser 1:1 Scale Replica Halo3: ODST Cosplay Helmet

    Raul R. (United States)
    Worth every dollar!!

    As a huge fan of halo especially of ODSTs I love this helmet. The helmet feels sturdy, the visor looks so good and really nails the look, and I was wonderful surprised by the lining inside of the helmet. As someone who has a a slight larger head the helmet has enough room for me to get in and out of with little issue, and with it on its almost the perfect size gives you enough room to where if you wanted to add some extra padding to your liking. If you love ODSTs as much as I do definitely worth it perfect for cosplay or even putting on a self just to look at

    Andrew M. (United States)
    Great helmet

    Really awesome helmet. Well made and high quality especially for the price. The paint could be a little darker but I planned on repainting it anyway

    Brian D. (United States)
    Great item for the money.

    Very happy with this helmet. Thank you.

    Cody N. (United States)
    Amazing Sculpt with minor issues on the whole

    The Xcoser ODST Helmet is definitely worth a buy to any Halo fan/fanatic. There are only 4 minor issues I can identify that again, are minor or may not effect the general buyer. 1) Tint level of visor: for most people buying this helmet this may not be an issue but for a starting cosplayer or even a veteran they may seek to get a darker visor to hide his or her face, id recommend going a shade or two darker to the manufacturerers. 2) Visor distance to customer face: this may just be an issue I had, but putting on the helmet while comfortable for me did have my nose pressed against the visor. For quick wear sessions or miniature photoshoots this would be no problem, but for anyone planning on wearing it an extended period of time this could be uncomfortable. I'd recommend the manufacturer look into extending the visor maybe an inch out to accommodate if they receive any further issues from other customers. 3) chin clearance: like with my other minor issues this may only affect adults or those with specific helmet based scale issues. However wearing the helmet one's chin can be plainly visible during conversation or sometimes even without conversation. My recommendation to the manufacturer would be to increase the helmet's height by either half-to a full inch. I feel the audience the manufacturer tries to supply to may be on the upper range if age and thus would require a slightly larger helmet, for the younger audiences this helmet would be perfect. 4) Quality Control: As with any widely manufactured product some things will fall through the cracks, case in point my visor was glued in with less glue than necessary to secure it to the helmet. In summary a great helmet for the wider audience with minor issues for the enthusiasts.

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