Xcoser The Mandalorian Season 2 Cosplay Costume Bo Katan Kryze Armor Outfit (Pre-order)

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Description: Bo Katan
Detachment: Bounty Hunters Guild
Context: The Clone Wars: Seasons 4-5 / The Mandalorian Seasons 2

A skilled and deadly Mandalorian warrior, Bo Katan serves as a Lieutenant in the radical Mandalorian splinter group known as the Death Watch, and as the leader of the elite Night Owls. Although a confident enforcer, showing no remorse or guilt, Bo Katan also possesses a flirtatious tease. Believing the savage raider lifestyle is the true path for the Mandalorians, Bo is committed to restoring the glory of Mandalore's past.

🙃vBo Katan Kryze Costume The Mandalorian Season 2 Cosplay Armor Outfit
🙃Material: Faux Leather + Canvas + Polyester + Fiber Glass + Resin.
🙃Package include: Costume + Vest + Gloves +Wristband +Belt + Knee pad + Headwear + Glass fiber resin armor.(without helmet, Shoes, and accessories Jetpack kit, etc. )
🙃Perfect for Halloween cosplay, role play, dress-up, theme party, etc.

After 3 months if we have 15 orders,we will make it. You can order it now!

If you wanna we made this please share this pre-order page with your friends Invite them to join the pre-sale order, in addition to speeding up our final production, you and your friends can also get an additional 10% discount extra. Please contact our Customer Service: info@xcoser.com 

🤖We will pre-order made this one! Now early birds price:  450 USD normal price will be 600 USD.🥰

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